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1) Transitioning from academia to startups: what is it like to work for a startup?

This workshop is meant to demystify transitioning to a startup from academia, as an employee. The following topics are discussed:

1. Creating something new;
2. Need to be comfortable with change;
3. All hands on deck;
4. Financial (in)security/assessing risk;
5. Stocks, vesting, benefits;
6. Accelerating careers; and
7. High expectations with little direction.

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Transitioning from academia to startups

2) Idea Evaluation for researchers considering startups

Factors that researchers should consider while evaluating the feasibility of launching a startup based on their research.
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Topic: Idea Evaluation for researchers considering startups

3) Psychology of deep tech startup founders

Psychology of deep tech startup founders: How to muster courage to launch a startup?
October 7, 2021.

Invited speakers: Heather Koshinsky, Dave Schaffer, and Douglas Crawford

Discussed topics:
1. Formative experiences that shaped your startup views.
2. Decision trees before one jumps into your startups.
3. Considerations on your own family front.
4. Dealing with stress (personnel/financial/uncertainty) and the importance of support networks, family, friends, advisors, etc.
5. How to make this a fun experience?
6. Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

4) Demystifying legal aspects for startups: the role that law firms play in a startup journey

The role that law firms play in a startup journey

Attend this workshop to understand why a startup needs a law firm from incorporation to exit and everything in between. Joe Wyatt, a Partner at WilmerHale will walk through the stages of a startup and the role a startup law firm plays during the journey.

Speaker: Joe Wyatt, WilmerHale

5) Intellectual Property for Scientists - Kevin Christopher

Kevin was supposed to have presented in the Berkeley Postdoctoral Entrepreneur Program's online workshop on May 20, 2021. However we were Zoom bombed and had to cut the event shorter.

He was kind to record this video and share it with us, so our community could still have access to the information he was going to share with us that night.

6) Intellectual Property for Scientists - Terri Sale

Terri Sale is an Associate Director at UC Berkeley’s Office of Technology Licensing where she licenses UC Berkeley’s innovations in medical devices, research tools, microfluidics and other life science technologies. Prior to joining UC Berkeley, Terri was Patent Counsel for Exelixis, Inc. for two years where she worked with pharmaceutical, biotechnology and plant genetic technologies. Terri also worked at Bio-Rad Laboratories for eight years and prior to that Terri was a patent attorney with the law firm Fulbright & Jaworski and with the U.S. Navy, Office of General Counsel.
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Idea Evaluation for start-up researchers
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Psychology of deep tech startup founders
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Demystifying legal aspects for startups
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Intellectual Property for Scientists