BPEP Startups

BPEP Startups

Our alumni have started a number of companies, with many of them succesfully joining prestigious incubators.

BPEP has been a great resource for me as I embark on my own entrepreneurial adventure.  Since spring of 2015 I have attended multiple BPEP organized events, including: “Ph.D. to Startup Workshop”, “Government Funding for Your Startup”, “How to Raise Seed/Angel Money for Early Stage Startups”, “Basics of Starting a Company: How to Pick Co-founders and a Team”, and “Bench to Market: Idea Evaluation and Commercialization for Product Market Fit”.  The events were all well organized with excellent panelists and ample time for audience participation and networking.  Insights from these events have helped smooth my transition from postdoc to entrepreneur with government funding.  I strongly encourage anyone with even the slightest interest in entrepreneurship to attend a BPEP event. - Peter Frischmann

Here are a selected list of start-up whose founder were empowered by what they've learned during BPEP workshops :

  • X-Therma (Mark Kline and Xiaxi Wei) 
  • Angilytics  (Xiaoding Zhuo) - Haas School of Business' LAUNCH, 2016 cohort
  • Nosocom Solutions (Naresh Sunkara, UC Berkeley) - The Foundry@CITRIS, 2016 cohort
  • Nelumbo (Lance Brockway, UC Berkeley) - Cleantech to Market, 2016 cohort
  • Sepion Technologies (Peter Frischmann, LBNL) - Cyclotron Road, 2016 cohort
  • Synvivia (Gabriel Lopez)

The talks by entrepreneur speakers gave me a lot of information on best practices and lessons learned from their experience, which are really helpful for me to assess my next steps and avoid making mistakes. I also made a lot of great connections with fellow entrepreneurs, who gave me inspirations and useful contacts. - Xiaoding Zhuo

  • Chemisense
  • Novare Pharmaceuticals
  • XCell Bio