Videos from workshops

When the speakers allow, we record the talks so that we can share exclusive content for those who could not make it, and make available to our community  the best insider tips (here's the corresponding youtube channel ):

Bench to Market (June 2015)

Intellectual Property (July 2015)

How to pick co-founders and team (August 2015)

Government funding (September 2015)

Seed/Angel money for early stage startups (October 2015)

Unshackled : Startups for immigrant entrepreneurs (February 2016)

Government Funding for Your Startup: The Basics and What Classes Won't Tell You (April 2016)

Fundraising Workshop: Financing your company (Seed Funding by Angel Investors) (August 2016)

Careers in Startups: Meet Hiring Startups and Learn the Ins and Outs! (September 2016)