The Bay Area is a fantastic environment for would-be entrepreneurs. We have access to unparalleled science and innovation, and one of the most sophisticated entrepreneurial ecosystems around. Here is a list of some of the resources available to you. This list is ever-evolving, and will change as the information changes. And remember: your best resource is you, so go out there, meet people, attend events and put your own word out. There's no substitute for that.

Entrepreneurship in Berkeley

The program PostX provides a guided, step by step approach to understanding how one can fit commercializing their ideas into a career. This program is particularly aimed at UC Berkeley post-docs.

A summary of the situation for highly trained scientist leaning towards entrepreneurship can be found in the article "Cyclotron Valley" we wrote for the Berkeley Science Review (website)

The Berkeley Startup Network regroups information about all things start-up directly related to Berkeley (resources, companies, investors.)

An overview of the "ecosystem", with main actors and main events can be found on this dedicated website : Berkeley Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Berkeley Entrepreneurship Ecosystem - map

We also have a wonderful network of mentors at BPEP. Come to our events, meet them, and expand your network.

Another interesting resource is IPIRA Entrepreneur Start-up guide.

The Berkeley Startup Cluster is a resource is a resource for innovative companies and budding entsubscribing to the website to receive notices for startup-related events. You can also list your company page on the site. 

Make sure to have a look at our Partners' websites to find out what is available on UC Berkeley campus.


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