Berkeley Postdoctoral Entrepreneur Program (BPEP) aims to foster entrepreneurship in the UC Berkeley postdoctoral and graduate community. We provide tools, mentoring, and a platform for science-business communication to enable research innovations to move into the marketplace.  We believe entrepreneurship is an integral part of UC Berkeley's ethos, and aim to build a community of entrepreneurship among UC Berkeley's postdocs.

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The 2016 season is over, thanks for your participation !

Next event will be in February 2017. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.


The Art of Pitch

Thursday, November 17th, from 6:00-8:00 in Stanley Hall 105

The Berkeley Postdoc Entrepreneurial Program is closing the season with a pitch event, where teams or individual will pitch their ideas-- no matter how crazy they are ! -- to a broader audience and in front of a jury that will judge the concepts and give insights on how to tune the message ! (full description.)

BPEP Art of Pitch

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